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The primary purpose of the Training and Technical Assistance Center (T-TAC) at Old Dominion University is to improve educational opportunities for students with developmental delays (birth through age 9) and students with severe disabilities.

Assistance is provided directly to teachers and other school personnel who serve individuals with disabilities within Virginia and who are located in Superintendents Regional Study Groups 2 and 3.

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Administrator, General Education
Administrator, Special Education
Guidance Counselor
Human Services Agency Staff
Occupational Therapist
Other Related Service Provider
Physical Therapist
Speech-Language Pathologist
Teacher, General Education
Teacher, Special Education
Transition Coordinator
University Professor/Student
Vocational Teacher Administrator



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Early Childhood Special Education
Early Intervention
General/Regular Education
School Age Special Education
Adult Ed./Family Literacy
Even Start
Head Start
Migrant Education
Occupational Child Care
Preschool Initiative
Title 1

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Deaf Blind
Developmental Delayed
Learning Disability
Intellectual Disabilities
Multiple Disabilities
Other Health Impairment
Orthopedic Impairment
Emotional Disability
Speech/Language Impairment
Traumatic Brain Injury
Visual Impairment

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