Classroom Structure for ASD

An online presentation to demonstrate compartmentalization and structure in a self- contained classroom for students with autism.

Autism Statewide Network

TTAC members across the state collaborate quarterly to provide instructional resources as well as training and technical assistance for teachers of students with autism.  Members also participate on the Virginia Autism Council to improve services for individuals with autism from birth to adulthood, and  coordinate with staff members of the Virginia Autism Center for Excellence (ACE).  For example, regional Communities of Practice in Autism (CoLAs) have been established as a joint effort with ACE and T-TACs, and staff members have participated in the state grant from the National Professional Development Center for Autism to offer training and technical assistance in evidence based practices for students with autism.

Our mission statement: Through collaboration, statewide T/TACs will build capacity through professional development, instructional resources, and library materials to professionals, families, divisions, and agencies to improve outcomes for young children and youth with autism spectrum disorders.