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Tar Heel Reader is a free site that offers thousands of high-interest e-books for students.  All texts are switch accessible.


Writing with Alternative Pencils is a great option for students who cannot hold a writing utensil or use a keyboard.

The I’M DETERMINED Project is all about helping students learn self-determination skills.  Browse the site to learn about many great resources.  You will find tools such as the One Pager and Good Day Plan, which help students take an active role in goal planning, the IEP process, transitioning, and behavior planning.  Best of all, you will find templates for the tools, authentic student examples, and videos of teachers & students using these tools.


Intellectual Disabilities

The term “intellectual disability” is used when describing a very broad and diverse group of students.  Here, you will find information and resources for professionals whose students access the curriculum through the Aligned Standards of Learning (ASOLs).

E-News You Can Use for Intellectual Disabilities 

What skills should I be teaching if my students are not developmentally ready for formal word study?                              

Phonological Awareness consists of skills such as awareness of sounds in language, awareness of rhyme, and awareness that words can be broken down into syllables and sounds.  These skills typically develop through the late preschool period.  With this in mind, it would make sense that many older students with intellectual disabilities may benefit from phonological awareness instruction.  


Follow these links to check out some great activities:

Reading Rockets Site

PBS Kids Rhyme Activities

Free Reading Site


T-TAC ODU Lending Library Resources:

Visit our free lending library and check out these titles:

  • Ladders to Literacy activity books
  • Rhymes and Reason- Literature and Language Play for Phonological Awareness
  • Ideas and Activities for Developing Phonological Awareness Skills